AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium 2023
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Competition and Conflict in a Contested World: Intelligence Demands in the Era of Rapidly Evolving Cross-Domain Threats

The 41st annual AFCEA Intelligence Symposium returns to the NGA Campus East in Springfield, Virginia on April 25-26, 2023. This classified (TS/SI/TK/NOFORN) two-day flagship intelligence event is a forum for Intelligence Community professionals and an ideal venue for learning and networking.

The symposium will focus on government, industry and academia partnering essential to meeting the intelligence demands posed by an ever more integrated cross-domain threat. Our discussions will be informed by an Intelligence Community assessment of this environment and the capabilities needed to inform policy and operations within it. These insights will be deepened by consideration of lessons being learned from the war in Ukraine, initiatives being undertaken to defend space as the essential enabler of United States integrated domain operations, and the need for new approaches to deterrence in a multi-polar world. The risk from economic espionage will also be explored along with its impact on pursuing market opportunities while preserving operational advantage that derives from commercial space and other emerging disruptive technologies. Through these discussions, symposium participants will gain a more informed perspective on evolving intelligence requirements and the opportunities for partnerships to address them.

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